Blimey, it’s 2020!

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2020….it’s weird even typing those numbers, never mind living in this time. How on earth did we get into the future? You know, being born in the nineteen hundred’s, now sounds like I was born in the Victorian ages. I do feel quite aged.

Let there be…..frogs?

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So, since I’ve been getting ‘older’, my hair has started to fall out. It blocks the tub, the vacuum cleaner, sticks to the bottom of everyone’s socks, and is attached to everything. This has become a huge issue for me. … Continued

The autumn of my life…….

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Getting older is a privilege, but it really is tough at times. Hips and knees groaning, eyes becoming as blind as a bat’s, hair thinning and going grey (except the witchy-poo ones growing out of post-menopausal chins)….the continual downshift of skin, as gravity pulls it to the floor like melting wax. Your nose still growing larger and ears too – while synapses begin to disappear into oblivion.

I’m not dead, I’ve just been busy…….

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I blinked, and it’s already October. At least I think it is. My-oh-my, it’s been a fast and furious few months. I’ve racked up miles on the car, been to Colorado, Minnesota, Arkansas and Aldi’s. There’s a new grandson in the world, and another new roll of fat right above my waistline.

It’s all about that Gump….

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I know summer is around the corner when Gump starts shopping for ‘maters….British readers, that’s Oklahoma speak for tomatoes. Gump’s obsession for the plump red balls is only matched by his passion for :-

My 93 year old bestie – the other man in my life….

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Jonny could have been a movie star – handsome, young and fit, and a ringer for Jimmy Stewart. With a deep passion for flying, when he was 15 years old, he’d sneak out and fly a Piper Cub Coupe from Harvey Young airport – He’d go camping, which meant sleeping on the ground next to the plane, so he could take off at sunrise.