The Anniversary……

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Hello all! I hope you have made it through the week in one piece! Here in Oklahoma, we are enjoying a lovely autumn, warm sunny days and cooler nights – I write this morning, under some duress. The milk in … Continued


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I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day – We went on a road trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana for my husband’s 40th re-union of a ninth grade class.


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Darlene is my friend. We have worked together for the past ten years. Darlene is the typical Southern girl in my eyes. She has a drawl that gets about three inches longer with every margarita she drinks. She is sassy, and she can talk to a brick wall and make it feel at home.

Storm Shelter

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Once again we had big storms roll through last night. This time the tornado sirens went off. So, with great trepidation, we left the house with torrential rain pouring down upon us, and ventured out to the ……..storm cellar.