Going Home – Part Five

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At Dublin Airport, I realized that I would sleep with any of the men there, as long as they talked to me the entire time. Readers, that statement may shock you – especially the guys who are nice enough to read my scribbles on here, but you would feel the same way if you heard those pretty Irish accents.

Going Home – Part Four

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I picked the Chicken Korma – and I have to say that it was probably the best curry I’ve had in years. But the most wonderful part of dinner was that I got to spend it with my beautiful Auntie Janet (who has no bobble heads like Auntie Doreen), my cousins Steve & Lindsey (Janet’s kids), and their respective families.

Going Home – Part Three

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What I didn’t mention in my previous post, was that the day I arrived in England, my cousin’s hot water heater went kaput. She was mortified. I was not at all concerned. What did I care about taking a shower/bath? I had a comfy bed, and chocolate in the fridge.

Return to the Old Towne

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Take it from me, when flying any long haul, the seats in business class are well worth the upgrade. Instead of sitting in a row of uncomfortable people, feeling like a bratwurst in a packet of hotdogs, I got to stretch out languidly, curl into a horizontal fetal position and cover myself with a real blanket. And then I promptly passed into a drug induced sleep for about two hours.

The Journey Begins…..

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It has been a very long time since I have checked in with the blog. Most of you know it’s because I have been off gallivanting across Europe, ignoring all my responsibilities in the USA.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

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When I was a kid, I was an army brat and I flew all over the world – Several of those times, my sister Denise and I would fly unaccompanied, she was 12 and I was 8. We would be put into the care of flight attendants as we flew from Africa to the U.K., via exotic places like Rome and Entebbe.

Buddy, can you spare a carrot?

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It’s so difficult to write this as I am having trouble containing my excitement….Beyoncé (she is so famous, that her name is in this program’s dictionary) is having twins….wow! Seriously?……this is the important news of today? Look, I’m no expert, and I must not use this little platform of a blog to shove my personal opinions down each of your throats, but I really am gagging………

Rocky Mountain High

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Finally! I have been so behind with the blog the past couple of weeks – I am very sorry! I have no valid excuses, other than I’ve been somewhat preoccupied. As you might have deduced from the photo, oh, and the title…. I’ve been out of the state…..the state of being thin, fit, and rich, and also out of the state of Oklahoma.