I was born in Germany, to British parents, and subsequently got to live on four continents. But Kingston-upon-Thames, in Surrey, England, will always be home to me – though Oklahoma, USA is where I have hung my hat for many years.

Writing – well it’s been a part of my life since I could hold a pencil. But between raising children as a single-mum, and working multiple jobs to make ends meet, I was lucky to find time to sleep, never mind write! After a lifetime as a single woman, I remarried at 50 (gasp) and ultimately was lucky enough to finally step away from corporate America and spend time doing what I love – writing.

My debut novel, The Secret of Mowbray Manor, was contracted by The Wild Rose Press last year, and I couldn’t be happier! My book will soon be available all over the world, and I can’t wait to share all the other stories I am working on.

I am such a lucky person – fortunate to have two amazing grown sons, two step-sons, and three wonderful daughters-in-law. I am ‘Nana’ to three grandsons, and a delightful granddaughter – I couldn’t be prouder.

Besides my passion for writing, I also enjoy photography. I’ve seen many fabulous places in my lifetime – travelling is in my blood. My father used to tell us that some of our ancestors were Romany. I’d travel the world in my own caravan if I could!

An avid chocolate lover (Cadbury’s), I am constantly looking for decent fish and chips on this side of the Atlantic….so far, the best I’ve had are at the Codfather in Phoenix – wish they could ship them here!

Currently, my husband John (aka Gump), and our puppy Scout are my roommates, but through this website, you are all my neighbours!

Happy travels all!

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