I was born in Germany, to British parents, and subsequently lived on four continents. But Kingston-upon-Thames, in Surrey, England, will always be home to me – though Oklahoma, USA is where I have hung my hat for many years.

Writing – well it’s been a part of my life since I could hold a pencil. But between raising children as a single-mum, and working multiple jobs to make ends meet, I was lucky to find time to sleep, never mind write! After a lifetime as a single woman, I remarried at 50 (gasp) and ultimately was lucky enough to finally step away from corporate America and spend time doing what I love – writing.

My debut novel, The Secret of Mowbray Manor, was contracted by The Wild Rose Press last year, and I couldn’t be happier! My book will soon be available all over the world, and I can’t wait to share all the other stories I am working on.

I am such a lucky person – fortunate to have two amazing grown sons, two step-sons, and three wonderful daughters-in-law. I am ‘Nana’ to three grandsons, and a delightful granddaughter – I couldn’t be prouder.

Besides my passion for writing, I also enjoy photography. I’ve seen many fabulous places in my lifetime – travelling is in my blood. My father used to tell us that some of our ancestors were Romany. I’d travel the world in my own caravan if I could!

An avid chocolate lover (Cadbury’s), I am constantly looking for decent fish and chips on this side of the Atlantic….so far, the best I’ve had are at the Codfather in Phoenix – wish they could ship them here!

Currently, my husband John (aka Gump), our puppy Scout are my roommates, but through this website, you are all my neighbours!

Happy travels all!

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