Hello and welcome to my website!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Hard to believe the holiday season is upon us, especially with spring-like temperatures.

I’m currently editing three novels I have written – two Victorian Gothics and a romance. My short story, Retribution, is selling on Amazon.com (see DJ FitzSimons tab) and I am mulling over the idea to write a novella featuring one of the characters from that story – that’s the beauty of writing, I get to invent anyone I want to spend time with!

I hope you are all coping as we get to the end of what has been a terrible year for most people. At least there is hope in sight. A HUGE thank-you to all the medical workers, retail workers, teachers, and everyone out there going to work every day in this scary environment. What would the rest of us do without you?

I find myself wondering what we will all be doing this time next year? Won’t it be nice planning gatherings and trips like we used to? It’s so tough not seeing our loved ones. But being patient now will make normalcy return quicker, and take some of the stress from our medical workers who are completely overwhelmed by so many sick people.

Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving however you plan to celebrate. And thank you so much for stopping by.

Much love