Times, they are a’changing…

As most of you know, I spent part of May, all of June & part of July in the UK/France/Belgium – I did post some travel pics on my website, but I didn’t write my usual blog. Gump joined me for my last two weeks over there, and we travelled back together. When we got back to the USA, we both got Covid, and stayed put for some time. I took August ‘off’ to regroup after being gone so long, and now it’s time to get back in the saddle.

Tomato Tomayto…

It’s been an odd month. Actually, it feels more like an odd week as time seems to have changed and speeds by as quickly as chocolate leaves the fridge and enters my mouth. Gump’s silly tomatoes have grown like Jack’s beanstalk. He’s had quite a few to eat already but is constantly worrying about this or that blight, and frankly, the selection process over which tomato is going to have in his sandwich is worse than any kid picking out a toy with his birthday money.

How Does Your Garden grow?

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I’ve skipped a couple of posts…it happens. Especially when you live with a Gump, a bitchy dog, and you’re trying to write books every possible waking hour of the day. Sorry! For some of you it has cut down your bathroom reading, so I apologise!

My 93 year old bestie – the other man in my life….

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Jonny could have been a movie star – handsome, young and fit, and a ringer for Jimmy Stewart. With a deep passion for flying, when he was 15 years old, he’d sneak out and fly a Piper Cub Coupe from Harvey Young airport – He’d go camping, which meant sleeping on the ground next to the plane, so he could take off at sunrise.

Watch what you watch…….

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Last night I watched my recorded Oprah show while I sat on the couch eating dinner. Oprah’s guest was Shirley MacLaine – you know, the lady who has lived many times, lives in New Mexico and sees UFO’s on a regular basis. That Shirley MacLaine.