Life with Gump and a dog.

I can’t ignore it; my inbox and mailbox are already starting to fill up with companies trying to sell me insurance and Medicare supplements. And the way my body feels and looks, I can see why they are targeting me. Good grief, it’s really like the movie Alien. Some old, decrepit thing has moved inside my body carrying a little hammer. It bangs away on my joints, bones, and muscles at every opportunity.

Tomato Tomayto…

It’s been an odd month. Actually, it feels more like an odd week as time seems to have changed and speeds by as quickly as chocolate leaves the fridge and enters my mouth. Gump’s silly tomatoes have grown like Jack’s beanstalk. He’s had quite a few to eat already but is constantly worrying about this or that blight, and frankly, the selection process over which tomato is going to have in his sandwich is worse than any kid picking out a toy with his birthday money.

Um, turn the bloody heat up please!

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Hello from Antarctica. Really? Whoever is controlling the blasted world thermostat is definitely having a laugh. Unbelievable weather. It’s put a stop to my exercise regimen, hard to jog in sub-zero temps right? Like I EVER run. The only time I break out of a walk is when I’m going to the fridge to get more chocolate.

I’m just a little testy

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It’s bloody hot. My hair is frizzy, I remain trapped in a permanent state of hot flashes. The only antidote to my condition would be a nice dip in a swimming pool, and of course, I don’t have one (see the previous blog) ☹

Baby it’s Cold Outside

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When I was a kid, I was an army brat and I flew all over the world – Several of those times, my sister Denise and I would fly unaccompanied, she was 12 and I was 8. We would be put into the care of flight attendants as we flew from Africa to the U.K., via exotic places like Rome and Entebbe.

Storm Shelter

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Once again we had big storms roll through last night. This time the tornado sirens went off. So, with great trepidation, we left the house with torrential rain pouring down upon us, and ventured out to the ……..storm cellar.


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Last night there were 21 tornadoes reported in Oklahoma. Mother Nature is very much like a woman – gentle, beautiful, life-giving. But get the wind going, get the temperature up and look out! Nothing so devastating as a woman with … Continued