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How is everyone doing? Here at Debtwood, Gump, Scout the wonder dog and I are swell – Isn’t that a strange word, swell? I remember hearing it when I watched Lost in Space as a kid, and when Will Smith said it, it sounded cool and really foreign. I might start using it regularly now – because it sounds swell.

Blimey, it’s 2020!

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2020….it’s weird even typing those numbers, never mind living in this time. How on earth did we get into the future? You know, being born in the nineteen hundred’s, now sounds like I was born in the Victorian ages. I do feel quite aged.

Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down

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Friday already…..funny how the weeks are just speeding up as we get towards the end of the year. It is as though Father Time knows we are not even slightly ready to cook a sodding Turkey, and start that bloody awful Christmas shopping stuff….ugh…

Happy New Year!

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I have decided to start my new year in February. There are several reasons for this. 1. I am usually in a bad mood in January 2. I like to be different 3. I can avoid dieting for 31 extra … Continued

The Ravings of a sick mind…..

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few weeks ago I was bragging to all of you about how I was going to the gym. I was determined to finally lose all the post-pregnancy weight I have carried around for the past 34 years (funny how that works), and I was miraculously going to look younger and fitter, just by going to the gym.