Rocky Mountain High

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Finally! I have been so behind with the blog the past couple of weeks – I am very sorry! I have no valid excuses, other than I’ve been somewhat preoccupied. As you might have deduced from the photo, oh, and the title…. I’ve been out of the state…..the state of being thin, fit, and rich, and also out of the state of Oklahoma.

Unemployed and unhinged

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Hello everyone, I hope all of you are safe and sound after the tornadoes Wednesday night. We were very fortunate out here in Debtwood – not even a drop of rain.

I skipped writing last week, I am sure no one registered that, but I was too busy buying all the Cadbury’s chocolate I could find in Tulsa before al the Easter stuff sold out.

Ha Har Matey’s!

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There is big news from Oklahoma this week…….I have turned into a pirate! No, I do not have a wooden leg, nor do I wear a tricorn (that’s a triangular hat from years gone by). Nothing so common for me dear readers……however, the latest addition to my personal life is a PATCH !


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This morning our electricity was out, due to a storm that knocked a power line down about a mile away from our house. It was not too bad getting ready by candlelight. Although I am sure I look a little … Continued