Food Glorious Food

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In the thirty plus years I’ve lived in the USA, I’ve long heard Americans joke about British food. There are two predominant comments.

British food is ‘bland’ and ‘has no seasoning/flavour

How can you eat kidney pie? (This is a misconception. Small pieces of kidney are mixed with tons of steak to add flavor, and it is called a STEAK & Kidney pie)

Punk or Princess?

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This week I got to be eleven. I went with two dear friends to see the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

It was like role reversal for me. Back a hundred years ago, I went to an ‘R’ rated movie (A Clockwork Orange) when I was 14….and they thought I was 18 (it was the boobs). Fast forward 43 years…….this time I went to a kids’ movie and I’m 57…. I didn’t even have a grandkid with me. Yep, I’m living on the edge folks.

Buddy, can you spare a carrot?

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It’s so difficult to write this as I am having trouble containing my excitement….Beyoncé (she is so famous, that her name is in this program’s dictionary) is having twins….wow! Seriously?……this is the important news of today? Look, I’m no expert, and I must not use this little platform of a blog to shove my personal opinions down each of your throats, but I really am gagging………

The Curious Case of the Missing Teeth

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Hello again from the UK…I hear those of you in Oklahoma are being pounded by a nasty winter storm. I am not sorry to miss that, although as I write, it is 5a.m. here, I am in bed, feet on a hot water bottle and my nose is as cold as a Labrador’s.

Deep Thoughts….

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Sometimes I think that all women should become actresses during the years that they go through menopause, because this is the only stage in my life that I can ever remember being so easily brought to tears, and then complete and utter rage, all within the space of a few minutes!