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How is everyone doing? Here at Debtwood, Gump, Scout the wonder dog and I are swell – Isn’t that a strange word, swell? I remember hearing it when I watched Lost in Space as a kid, and when Will Smith said it, it sounded cool and really foreign. I might start using it regularly now – because it sounds swell.

Busy doing very little

One of the hardest things about writing a blog is you need to have actually done something, ANYTHING, so you have a topic to write about. This becomes very difficult when you work from home, are encouraged to stay at home because of nasty viruses, and have to share a home with spouses and pets.

It’s all about that Gump….

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I know summer is around the corner when Gump starts shopping for ‘maters….British readers, that’s Oklahoma speak for tomatoes. Gump’s obsession for the plump red balls is only matched by his passion for :-

Sprinkle Sprinkle….

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Gump and I lived on the east side of the river before we got together and married. I lived in a small 1930’s abode, cute, clean, and happy (think Pleasantville). He lived in a 1960’s ranch style home, furnished with patio furniture, a dark and gloomy place I christened ‘the Batcave’ – Our tastes in décor, lighting and paint were poles apart, but we both loved working in the yard (although mine looked much better)…..and the soil was rich and bountiful.

Girl Power

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When Gump and I married almost seven years ago, he was really stressed out about taking on a new mortgage well into in his fifties. Consequently, he named our home ‘Debtwood’ (yup-he’s quite the romantic).

Life in Tomato Patch USA-ugh

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Hello again everyone. Another week draws to a close, and I am so ashamed to tell you that I have not lost a single ounce since my last post….I could make many excuses, and they would be good excuses, but the truth is I have maintained this illustrious weight due solely to the fact that I have stuffed everything covered in chocolate down my gaping and fat neck.


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Wow, who would have thought that something coming out of the rear end of a large mammal could make food taste…..better?