WTF is going on in the world?

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This picture of Gump’s tomatoes is not relevant to the blog post at all – I just thought you might like the picture…..he has at least 25 plants this year…..I HATE tomatoes…I wish he could grow chocolate instead.

Watch what you watch…….

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Last night I watched my recorded Oprah show while I sat on the couch eating dinner. Oprah’s guest was Shirley MacLaine – you know, the lady who has lived many times, lives in New Mexico and sees UFO’s on a regular basis. That Shirley MacLaine.


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or some reason I find my current situation rather amusing. It is 10:30 pm and my husband is already fast asleep. He does that ‘male’ thing where he can turn his brain dial to ‘sleep’, and be in REM land within one minute.

The Oscars

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I hate Sunday nights – I try to squeeze as much time out of them as I can so that Monday morning won’t get here too quickly. I can remember feeling the same way about it when I was young and going to high-school (well the few times I went) –


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The other day a charming man passed me on the highway, and called me the female parent of someone having sex because I wasn’t going fast enough for him. It was funny really, because I was going way over the … Continued

Scattered thoughts….

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Well it has been a whole week since I got to write something on the blog. I really don’t know how I stay so busy. I have had plenty of time inside the house as the Killer-Bird is still on … Continued

Mood Swings

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Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel so happy. I am a veritable Mother Teresa throughout the day. I help people, I am everyone’s personal therapist, mother, daughter, mentor, teacher, rabbi, priest……And then there are the days … Continued


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I find it interesting that my opinion of women has changed so much over time. When we are little girls, our friends are our sisters, and we cherish them. When we are teenagers, we still have friends, but they are … Continued