Last night I watched my recorded Oprah show while I sat on the couch eating dinner. Oprah’s guest was Shirley MacLaine – you know, the lady who has lived many times, lives in New Mexico and sees UFO’s on a regular basis. That Shirley MacLaine. She looked pretty good for her age, and really good for someone who has been on earth multiple times. The reason she was on Oprah, was to promote her 12th book. Let me repeat, she has lived many times, she sees UFO’s on a regular basis and she has her 12th book coming out. I, on the other hand, am experiencing the only life I have ever had, and the only things I ever see in the sky have wings, spell American Airlines, or look like clouds. However, I have yet to publish my first book…..but I do write a blog that I am proud of, and have some loyal friends who read said blog (thank you God). Back to Shirley…. in addition to many delightful anecdotes Ms. MacLaine has to offer in her book (did I mention that it was her 12th book?), Shirley also regales us with tales about her many conquests over the years. She was a lovely, young dancer in Hollywood, and got to hang out with the elite set (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis etal). Of course some of us could say that was pretty damn cool! The Rat Pack back in the day……but others might say that they had no interest in hanging out with a Gangster and a good-looking drunk. Shirley apparently had loads of fun, lots of lovers, even during her 30 year marriage. That is what got me thinking, that entire statement. I started to think about how we (me) watch people like our Shirley talk about their love lives, and we (I) are in awe as they had sex with people that are famous. It made me chuckle to myself, because sex is sex, whether with Frank Sinatra or Andrew Gates (my first boyfriend). And that got me thinking about how stupid I was to be listening to her chatter – but wait…..she just published her 12th book!!!! Now that got me really thinking about the blog. It worked for Shirley, maybe it could work for me! Perhaps my loyal readers might be fascinated to hear about Leslie Sykes, the guy with the hair-lip at my local Youth Club, who changed my life by being the first male to ever ask me out on a date……or what about Paul Abbott? His eyebrows were level with my chin, and he ultimately became a successful Garbage man in London! Oh, and what about Robert Shortland, dangerously good-looking, with a penchant for picking his nose? And who could forget what’s his name who liked bird-watching and had a nervous giggle. Simon was nice, dumb, and drove a Cement mixer, Alex was a butcher who threw a pig’s eye at me…..oh I know you could listen for hours couldn’t you? I know you must be absolutely fascinated with the males that have been in my life! How boring! Yet there I sat, along with millions of others, listening to Shirley’s conquests. Aren’t we humans are an interesting and screwed up race? I think we have gotten lost in a maze of nonsense. We are confused about who the right people are to respect. By that I mean the people that set a good example of who we should strive to become. Of course that has different conotations for different people. Don’t get me wrong, I know we have to be entertained, I am writing a blog for goodness sakes! I am also sure that Shirley is a great lady in her own right. But she has got so many more lives left to talk about, and I personally would rather listen to someone that only has one, someone who is planning to do some good stuff while they live that one life. And yes, there are many TV channels to pick from, I chose freely, and I didn’t have to watch that show – I was just disappointed that Oprah’s medium, which reaches so many viewers across the world, was reduced to such a sorry-arsed topic. Usually I am not so opinionated or harsh – maybe it is just because of the war(s), earthquakes, tsunamis, atrocities to human kind, poverty, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc etc – I just don’t care who has sex with who anymore………. Jude the Opinionated P.S. But if I EVER have sex with Mark Wahlberg I am going to SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!