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Another week draws to a close. It has been a good week for me, as Forrest the Gumpmeister has been in Alaska all week….yup, Alaska, the last wild frontier. He goes every year to fly fish for salmon.


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So the other day I went online and played Bubbletown. Back in the day when I was still a facebook person, I always got messages saying “So and so is on level 20 of Bubbletown”, and I thought it was some fancy mall somewhere….

When it Rains…

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he past two weeks, me and the Gumpster have been focusing on making our mechanic a millionaire. Ever since I had the dastardly car wreck a few weeks ago, there has been a pattern of things going wrong.

More Nonsense….

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Happy September everyone! You can almost feel the hint of autumn in the air – well you can if you are up every morning at 5:30 a.m. Really, you Americans just don’t get it. In Europe, you will find that most jobs start at 9 o’clock.