When it Rains…

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he past two weeks, me and the Gumpster have been focusing on making our mechanic a millionaire. Ever since I had the dastardly car wreck a few weeks ago, there has been a pattern of things going wrong.

Life in Tomato Patch USA-ugh

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Hello again everyone. Another week draws to a close, and I am so ashamed to tell you that I have not lost a single ounce since my last post….I could make many excuses, and they would be good excuses, but the truth is I have maintained this illustrious weight due solely to the fact that I have stuffed everything covered in chocolate down my gaping and fat neck.

Baby you can drive my car….

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I have discovered that I am on exactly the same downhill plunge as my car. I am 51 years old, my car is a little red convertible, and it is 18 years old. If 1 car year is equal to 2.9 human years, (and I think it is) then my car and I are the same age.

Bloody Cars

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Sometimes I think I am a lot like my car. Just when I need to get going, I can’t seem to get into gear. My poor old bones and joints are rather like the car’s shocks…..stripped. Lately, my car battery … Continued