Barbara Dorothy Bayton

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Today is a poignant day in my life. It marks the second year of the day my mother died. It’s hard to be funny today, something almost disrespectful in trying to be amusing.

I know many of you have lost your mothers, or your fathers, or both. Some of you may have even lost them when you were young. I know I am fortunate in that I had my mother until I was 54 years old.

To Neil – Wherever you may be…….

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A long time ago (1976), in a distant land far away (England) there was a young girl of fifteen. She met a handsome prince who showered her with love, cigarettes and chocolate, took her to discos and told her that she was very pretty and that he loved her – six weeks later she was pregnant. This girl was so scared….how could she tell her parents? What would happen at school? What on earth was she to do?

When it Rains…

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he past two weeks, me and the Gumpster have been focusing on making our mechanic a millionaire. Ever since I had the dastardly car wreck a few weeks ago, there has been a pattern of things going wrong.

Alec Schneider

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the loss of a dear friend. I am so sad today, because I have lost another friend. This darling man was called Alec, and he died 3 days ago at the age … Continued

Goodbye Milton

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On Friday, a very dear friend of mine died. He was 75, and had been in poor health for the past 25 years. But he was one of the smartest people I think I have ever had the good fortune … Continued