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Darlene is my friend. We have worked together for the past ten years. Darlene is the typical Southern girl in my eyes. She has a drawl that gets about three inches longer with every margarita she drinks. She is sassy, and she can talk to a brick wall and make it feel at home.

Storm Shelter

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Once again we had big storms roll through last night. This time the tornado sirens went off. So, with great trepidation, we left the house with torrential rain pouring down upon us, and ventured out to the ……..storm cellar.


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When I was thirteen, I thought I was ugly. My body was turning into something I didn’t understand.


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I find it interesting that my opinion of women has changed so much over time. When we are little girls, our friends are our sisters, and we cherish them. When we are teenagers, we still have friends, but they are … Continued


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This morning our electricity was out, due to a storm that knocked a power line down about a mile away from our house. It was not too bad getting ready by candlelight. Although I am sure I look a little … Continued

Whiny Arse Men

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Last week I got sick. Probably allergies, but I felt pretty lousy, sneezing, hoarse etc. We have had the windows open at our house for about a month. You can almost see the pollen in the air, and everything feels damp from all the humidity.


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Last night there were 21 tornadoes reported in Oklahoma. Mother Nature is very much like a woman – gentle, beautiful, life-giving. But get the wind going, get the temperature up and look out! Nothing so devastating as a woman with … Continued