To Neil – Wherever you may be…….

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A long time ago (1976), in a distant land far away (England) there was a young girl of fifteen. She met a handsome prince who showered her with love, cigarettes and chocolate, took her to discos and told her that she was very pretty and that he loved her – six weeks later she was pregnant. This girl was so scared….how could she tell her parents? What would happen at school? What on earth was she to do?

Fifty-Six going on Ninety-Six

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I am senile. I have been fighting it for some time now, but the awful realization keeps rearing its ugly head as each day I seem to commit another blunder. Apart from the usual mistakes I make, here are some of the things I constantly forget:

Unemployed and unhinged

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Hello everyone, I hope all of you are safe and sound after the tornadoes Wednesday night. We were very fortunate out here in Debtwood – not even a drop of rain.

I skipped writing last week, I am sure no one registered that, but I was too busy buying all the Cadbury’s chocolate I could find in Tulsa before al the Easter stuff sold out.