Scattered thoughts….

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Well it has been a whole week since I got to write something on the blog. I really don’t know how I stay so busy. I have had plenty of time inside the house as the Killer-Bird is still on the rampage. I do not go outside the house now that my “bird-phobia’ has reached full throttle. On the upside, it has been 100 degrees here for the past 2 weeks, and there is something quite delightful in sipping a cold coke indoors while watching my husband sweat profusely outside, mowing and watering in the intolerable heat.

Meanwhile I have been in major Susie home-maker mode. Baking, sorting out closets, even flirting with the idea of painting my toenails….what is the world coming to? We have lost another friend to the Reaper this past week. Robert Owens, a wonderful quirky guy who was a Private Investigator. We used to call him ‘Inspector Gadget’ as he loved to buy funky electronic devices to use in his job. It is odd to arrive at an age where you start to say goodbye to so many people that have always been in your world. It somehow seems surreal when you attend more funerals in a year than you do weddings or parties……… I guess the moral there is to live each day to the fullest…you know, whenever I hear that I wonder how to actually go about doing that in the real sense, when the truth is you are stuck in a tall office building in front of a screen, and the only way you can live life to its fullest at work is to fart loudly and see how many people laugh or faint with shock. Perhaps if we were more silly we’d all be better off……. Thoughts to ponder as we start a new month……… Jude the gassy