The Secret of Witch Haven Lane

The Secret of Witch Haven Lane


After a decade away from London, the last thing Helen Sinclair wants to do is return. But the shocking murder of her aunt, Estella Balmerino, has left Helen’s other aunt alone and vulnerable. Reluctantly, Helen leaves her steady job and arrives at number 18, Witch Haven Lane, shocked to find it dilapidated and in poor repair.

Her aunts, once celebrated London Psychic Mediums, have obviously fallen upon hard times. Evie, the surviving aunt, seems slightly deranged, and the servants are of dubious character. What is more, Helen, who has long abhorred her family’s bizarre supernatural profession, finds that within the walls of number 18, something not quite of this world eagerly awaits her return.

Befriending Brandon Rafferty, of Scotland Yard, Helen joins forces with the detective, and they embark on a journey to discover who killed her aunt, and why. What could be hidden inside number 18 that is worth killing for? Guided by spirits of the dead, and bemused by the admiration of her aunt’s acquaintance, Nicco Moretti, Helen’s world abounds with adventure. But Helen is being watched by those she cannot see. And by abetting Detective Rafferty in their search for the killer, she has inadvertently placed herself right in the path of danger.

Released June 20th, 2023 (Redbus LLC)


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