The Secret of Darkwater Abbey

The Secret of Darkwater Abbey


Only the dead know the truth…

Leaving a career in nursing after the tragic loss of her husband and child, Claire Holloway returns to her Yorkshire roots at Darkwater Abbey, to claim her shared inheritance of the family business. Welcomed warmly by her uncle and reluctantly by her cousins, Vivienne and Nanette, Claire is astonished to discover Nanette’s husband, Ivan, is the son of a man murdered by Claire’s father twenty years earlier—a crime for which he was hung.

Examining her dead mother’s journals after arriving at Darkwater Abbey, the alarming contents raise doubts of her father’s guilt. Was he framed for a murder he did not commit? If so, why? And by whom? Confounded, Claire reluctantly accepts the unexpected alliance of Ivan, and they become embroiled in their search to unearth the truth of the past.

But Claire’s presence is a catalyst for disturbing events. Revealing deceit brings danger, and when death returns to Darkwater, the past reaches into the present. Evil is still at large. Now, with her own safety in peril, Claire and Ivan must work quickly.  Is there going to be another victim, or will justice finally come to Darkwater?

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