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Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great week. Here in Tulsa, we have been treated to yet more days of glorious weather….it’s been so lovely that everything is growing like crazy, and consequently allergy issues abound.


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This week I have been true to my promise and gone to all of my gym classes. During the past week, I also hurt my knee, because it finally decided it was tired of carrying the extra thirty-five pounds I have bestowed upon my frame. One day last week my knee made a yucky crunchy noise, which elicited a loud gasp of pain and an unprintable word, consequently I’ve resorted to wearing a knee-brace.

Girl Power

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When Gump and I married almost seven years ago, he was really stressed out about taking on a new mortgage well into in his fifties. Consequently, he named our home ‘Debtwood’ (yup-he’s quite the romantic).