Identity Crisis……

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Last week I was very confused. On Monday, my mum went back to England. As I stood at the airport, watching her go through security (after she had chatted up the guy checking I.D’s), I felt the instant sense of being alone that you can only really feel at an airport. It was almost like being back in 1968, when I was an 8 year old kid she left standing on the steps at Boarding School, only this time I wasn’t the one crying, she was.

Working out SUCKS!

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I have been religiously working out every day (except Sundays) for the past 3 weeks. I have not been on a diet, but I haven’t consumed my normal amounts of chocolate and vodka. Results…….absolutely bloody none.


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When’d I lose your love? Was it on a Monday when I had my working blues? Or maybe it was Tuesday when I had so much to do? It might have been on Wednesday – I had football on my … Continued

Going to the state fair

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Last night my husband took me, my mum and her boyfriend to the State Fair. I should mention that I am not a fan of the fair – but it was a lovely evening to be outside and so off we went.

The brain drain…..

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My mum is 80 – that’s a lot of years really. Especially if you think about all the things that have been invented in those years, and also the events that have taken place…Televisions, Video, DVD’s, CD’s, Computers, Pagers, Cell Phones, iPads …….Medical cures for so many diseases…………. World War 2, Vietnam, Korea, Gulf War, Iraq War, Nazis, Taliban, IRA……Rock and Roll, Blues, Big Band, Punk Rock, C & W, Rap, Alternative……..Washing Machines, Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwaves….sounds like a Billy Joel song….