The Secret of Mowbray Manor 

The Wild Rose Press

Kathryn Westcott, masquerading as a tutor, accepts a position at the Clayton ancestral home of Mowbray Manor with one objective–to discover the fate of her friend, Lady Aramintha Clayton. Kathryn is horrified when she learns of Aramintha’s death and the dubious circumstances surrounding how she died. Suspecting the family knows more than they are prepared to say, Kathryn, forms an alliance with both Clayton sons and a tenuous friendship with their aloof half-brother Benedict. One of them holds the key to solve the puzzle of Aramintha’s demise.No one is who they pretend to be in this house full of secrets. Someone does not want their villainy exposed and will use everything within their power to stop Kathryn from revealing the truth. Even if it means murder.

released June 8th, 2020 (The Wild Rose Press)

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