The autumn of my life…….

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Getting older is a privilege, but it really is tough at times. Hips and knees groaning, eyes becoming as blind as a bat’s, hair thinning and going grey (except the witchy-poo ones growing out of post-menopausal chins)….the continual downshift of skin, as gravity pulls it to the floor like melting wax. Your nose still growing larger and ears too – while synapses begin to disappear into oblivion.

I’m not dead, I’ve just been busy…….

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I blinked, and it’s already October. At least I think it is. My-oh-my, it’s been a fast and furious few months. I’ve racked up miles on the car, been to Colorado, Minnesota, Arkansas and Aldi’s. There’s a new grandson in the world, and another new roll of fat right above my waistline.